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Flowmaster is a computer based wireless flowmeter for quick, easy and convenient uroflowmetry.




Flowmaster is a computer based wireless flowmeter for quick, easy and convenient uroflowmetry. Flowmaster uses a standard Windows® based laptop or Using Bluetooth® technology, Flowmaster has a PC*, which can be used simultaneously for normal wireless link between the battery operated flow office work. Uroflow data is stored in an easy to use transducer and the PC/laptop. No more need for patient database.cables! The flow transducer can be placed in another room or a toilet for optimal patient privacy. Patient Reports can be customized and printed in full colour, data and uroflow recordings are stored on the PC or containing patient data, results, graphs, nomograms,laptop.comments and a hospital logo.With ease of use as a priority, Flowmaster starts recording automatically when the patient starts voiding. A special software algorithm automatically reduces artifacts and selects the optimal flow/volume scales. Pre-flow and post-flow times are user selectable. * Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7

Flowmaster Highlights
Wireless, small and lightweight
Fully automated uroflow recording and analysis
Automatic artifact detection
Automatic flow and volume scale selection
Patient database for secure storage of uroflow data
Up to 7 Flowmasters (used simultaneously) can be operated from one computer, providing an optimal solution for very busy urology departments
Printing of full colour reports with patient data, results, graphs, nomograms, comments and hospital logo
Available with a height adjustable uroflow stand and/or a choice of micturition chairs
1 U1-1 Flowmaster
1 BT-DONGLE Bluetooth dongle for PC
1 UD573 Funnel
1 UD574 Container for urine
1 MAN-042 Flowmaster user and service manual
1 MAN-052 Flowmaster quick installation guide
1 SOFT-FLOWMASTER Flowmaster Uroflowmetry Software
1 FLOWSTAND Flowstand Height adjustable


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