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MMS introduces a new revolution in urodynamics: ambulatory prolongation of conventional urodynamics! Have you experienced urodynamic studies that are inconclusive? Have you seen patients under emotional stress where the urodynamic data did not provide you with useful information?Now MMS is able to prolong your stationary urodynamic examination with an ambulatory study.
A new appointment for your patient? Re-catheterization? Use of different equipment? Not anymore!With Solar-Luna it is just a few clicks of the mouse and the patient is having an ambulatory urodynamic study.
No need for your patient to go away and make a new appointment. No re-catheterization. No change of equipment.

Advantages of ambulatory monitoring

Solar-Luna gives you the opportunity to collect ambulatory data fast, simple and patient friendly, thus enabling a more profound diagnosis. Ambulatory urodynamics is no longer complex and expensive.

  • More specific in defining detrusor activity and outlet obstruction
  • Reduction of emotional stress because of physiological filling
  • A wireless uroflowmeter can be used to perform Pressure-Flow Studies
  • Online view of recording and intermediate review of recorded ambulatory data
  • Fast downloading, analysis and presentation of all urodynamic recordings


Ambulatory urodynamics has never been so cost-effective and easy!

Solar-Luna - Ambulatory prolongation of conventional urodynamics!



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