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Orion II

Orion II



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Orion II is without doubt one of the most comprehensive user-friendly pH recorders available to diagnose Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and non-cardiac chest pain. Orion II is developed in close co-operation with doctors and clinicians using pH recorders on a daily basis.

Measurement and Analysis

Orion II offers up to 4 antimony channels. An additional pressure channel is also available to aid in LES location. As a result, the Orion II offers a complete range of pH studies to be measured and analyzed in a professional manner:

  • Esophageal pH
  • Gastric pH
  • Pediatric pH
  • Symptom analysis

The pH data can be analyzed according to:

  • Adult score
  • DeMeester
  • Boix-Ochoa
  • Kaye
  • Vandenplas (Infant score)

Symptom analysis

Orion II software calculates SI, SSI, and SAP. It also provides an extremely high level of versatility without the need for technical expertise! Be assured that the easy use of this product does not compromise its function or high standard of clinical output.

Wireless communication

Orion II is equipped with Bluetooth®, the international standard for wireless communication. Bluetooth® offers fast data transfer similar to the capabilities of a standard USB cable connection.

Wireless communication makes it possible to display real-time pH waveforms on your PC screen while the patient walks around freely. To save time, you can even transfer the complete 24 hours pH study while the patient is still in your waiting room*. (*depending on local circumstances)

Other features

  • Virtual Instructor Program™ (VIP) guides user to successfully complete pH procedures with minimal training.
  • Intelligent software automatically checks the pH catheter quality.
  • Pre-soak timer assures correct calibration.
  • Isolated USB connection enhances positioning and calibration of pH catheter while watching the PC monitor.
  • High resolution signal ensures accurate pH measurement.
  • Small and lightweight recorder. Pediatric carrying bag available.
  • Review pH data during recording to verify quality of investigation.
  • More than 48 hours of acquired recorded data using a single AA battery.
  • State-of-the-art technology guarantees accurate pH data transfer within a few seconds.
  • Sleeplab option, maximum 2 channel analogue output.
  • Network capabilities
  • HIS/EMR link coupling possibilities


Orion II is designed to become part of a network of multiple MMS systems. Data from all systems on the network are consolidated in one central database. This makes it possible to enter patient data, perform investigations and analyze results on different PCs in different locations.
For example:

  • Patient data entered at the reception desk.
  • An investigation performed using the computer in the investigation room.
  • Results analyzed and printed from the PC in the doctor’s or nurse’s office.

HIS/EMR link

It is also possible for Orion II to be linked with the Hospital Information System (HIS) / Electronic Medical Record (EMR), for automatic patient data (demographics) import and/or export.


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