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Luna – Classic Ambulatory Urodynamics

Luna – Classic Ambulatory Urodynamics



Luna is a very easy to use Ambulatory Urodynamic recorder which has been developed in close co-operation with practising urologists as an invaluable aid in the diagnosis of lower urinary tract dysfunctions. The system offers the possibility to measure pressures, EMG, conductance and flow during a natural bladder filling, extented over a longer period and in a less stressful environment.Using wireless Bluetooth® technique Luna offers an on-line view of recordings. Dedicated Windows® software provides fully automated analysis of all pressure data, in combination with leakage, flow and EMG in a 24 hour study. The measured data can be read out on an personal computer and can be analysed with a special software program.Luna is affordable and weighs less than 200 grams. Ambulatory Urodynamics has never been so easy.

Luna can now easily be combined with Solar* for easy prologation of your stationary urodynamic examination with an ambulatory study. This unique and revolutionary Solar-Luna setup makes ambulatory urodynamics accessible for everyone!

Measurement & Analysis

  • Bladder Pressure
  • Urethra Pressure
  • Abdominal Pressure
  • Detrusor pressure (calculated)
  • Conductance (Automated Leak Point Pressures)
  • Flow
  • Volume
  • EMG

*also available for Solar Blue and Nexus Pro

Luna - Classic Ambulatory Urodynamics


On-line view of recordings

  • Wireless Bluetooth® techniques make it possible to view data while recording. High quality signal recording can be guaranteed before patient leaves investigation room.
  • Multiple flows during one test

Lightweight housing, easy carrying

  • The Luna weighs less than 200 grams and can easily be carried around by little children making ambulatory urodynamic recording more reliable than ever.
  • Power supply by only 1 penlight battery

Fast Presentation of Investigation Results

  • More than 24 hours of investigation data can be downloaded, analyzed and presented in less than 2 minutes. All Detrusor-flow plots are standard available.
  • Automatic detrusor contraction detection
  • Intermediate review of recorded data

Ambulatory Urodynamics has never been so easy!

Complete range of Aircharged catheters

T-DOC Air-charged Catheter Aircharged catheters


Complete range of water perfused catheters

Water catheters can be used to perform pressure measurements in bladder and rectum. The bladder catheter has one pressure sensor for measuring pressures in the bladder (Pves). A double lumen abdominal catheter is used for measuring the abdominal pressure (Pabd).
The catheters are connected to the Luna via external pressure transducers. A special belt with a holder for the transducers is provided.
T-DOC Air-charged Catheter Example of belt with water transducer holder 


Complete range of microtip catheters

MMS has a complete range of microtip catheters for use with Luna. Even small sizes like 3 or 4 French for children are available.
MMS can offer microtip catheters from Frenchsizes 3 up to 9 Microtip catheters (3-9 French)



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