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The revolution in flexible endoscopy and stroboscopy.



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Ergonomy meets integration

ATMOS® Scope is a revolutionary way of flexible endoscopy/stroboscopy based on the special new shape of the handle. The innovative ergonomic handle of the ATMOS®Scope allows more comfortable holding and simplifies the application at the patient.

An ergonomic handle and flexible integration possibilities simplify your daily working routine.

As an all-in-one-solution, the ATMOS® Scope integrates the individual components LED light source, camera and microphone into the flexible endoscope. The ATMOS® Scope also fits perfectly together with the visualisation solutions on ATMOS ENT-treatment units. Networking with the ATMOS® Cam, the ATMOS® Strobo 21 LED and a video monitor is always possible. Images and videos can be saved with the ATMOSoft ENT software. Economic maintenance service: ATMOS offers an annual maintenance service for all ENT devices. Economic, quick and reliable.

Technical Data
LED Light integrated
Image sensor 1/18» CMOS
Image resolution (lines) 328 (H) x 250 (V) NTSC
Field of vision/angle of view 85°
Viewing direction
Depth of sharpness range 6 – 60 mm
External diameter (distal) of insertion tube 3,8 mm
Material of insertion tube synthetic tube material
Working length of insertion tube 300 mm
Angulation angle 2 x 160°
Controls output 2 x Video (CVBS) 1 x USB interface for stroboscope
Housing Made from durable, resilient aluminium with high-quality medical coating.
Cleansing To be immersed, suited for washing machines as well as STERRAD® sterilisation, 100 % waterproof.


The stationary solutionatmos-scope-featured-stationaer_982_450_90

​Every available video monitor can easily be turned into a video diagnosis station with the ATMOS® Scope.



atmos-scope-featured-mobil-mittel_949_450_90The mobile solution

​The ATMOS nasopharyngoscope in connection with the ATMOSoft ENT for archiving.


atmos-scope-featured-handgriff-gross_380_608_90All-in-one handle

​Thanks to optimised video pre-settings, camera setting and white balance are no longer required. The device automatically switches to the desired stroboscopy mode.

for cleaning and can be put back just as easily. As soon as the patient starts with phonation the ATMOS® Scope detects this and switches automatically to stroboscopy mode. The voice frequency is indicated on the monitor.

  1. An integrated LED system provides bright and homogeneous light. Changing light bulbs and conductors is thus rendered unnecessary.
  2. The all-in-one handle lies perfectly in the hand of right-and left-handers.
  3. The mechanism for controlling the angle of deflection, the buttons for video recording and still image storage are easily and ergonomically accessible.
  4. In connection with the ATMOS® Strobo 21 LED. The microphone is integrated into the ATMOS® Scope handle. It can be easily removed




A healthy decision: Work without any signs of fatigue

​The innovatively-shaped handle of the ATMOS®Scope embodies an entirely new way of performing endoscopy/stroboscopy, allowing insertion of the probe without any problems and examination of ear, nose, pharynx and larynx without any signs of fatigue.


 atmos-scope-featured-herzstueck_460_460_90Chip-on-the-tip technology

​ATMOS® Scope is ATMOS MedizinTechnik’s first flexible full-format endoscope with chip-on-the-tip technology. The result: wide-angle images in very high quality.



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