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ATMOS S / E 201 Thorax

ATMOS S / E 201 Thorax



Digital drainage systems

ATMOS S / E 201 Thorax

ATMOS S / E 201 Thorax

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Thoracic drainage units for every need.

Development always stands for progress. This applies for thoracic drainage systems which have evolved from simple bottle systems into complex devices. We have been part of this progress since the development of the first digital thoracic drainage unit – the ATMOS® S 031 Thorax – in the year 2003. We have made it our aim to reduce the complexity of the device into the simplicity in operation. Thus we are convinced to support you in achieving the best possible therapy results. Our complete product portfolio ranges from simple surgical suction devices to intelligent systems. Let yourself be convinced by the long standing experience found in each of our products.

The all-round carefree package

With the thoracic drainage systems from ATMOS you will always have the perfect solution for clinical everyday needs at your disposal. These systems offer you the possibility for a complete documentation of the vacuum and flow trends from the OT to the removal of the drain. Therefore the focus is enhanced on patients´safety and the greatly improved therapy results. The reliable alarm system reduces the care efforts which benefits both patients and nursing staff. Due to the ATMOS measuring hose system the vacuum values are measured directly at the patient. The siphon effect is excluded because the set values are constantly monitored and automatically balanced.

One system…

The new generation of ATMOS thoracic drainage systems comes with a standardized operating concept. Thus doctors and nursing staff do not have to focus on the operation of two different devices. The intuitive and almost foolproof operation supports this significantly.

One hose…

All digital thoracic drainage systems developed by ATMOS use the same hose system. If your clinic uses various ATMOS drainage systems this offers a wide range of advantages:

  • Easy component management – Only one hose for all devices and all thoracic drainage applications
  • One operating concept – The connection of the ATMOS drainage systems is standardized, too.
  • Different ATMOS drainage systems can be used in combination


Digital storage of measured values

​ATMOS drainage systems have a complex sensor technology and an elaborate data analysis. In the display the target vacuum and the real flow value are displayed digitally. With the ATMOS® S / E 201 Thorax the vacuum value is also displayed.

The ATMOS® S 201 Thorax also offers a scalable flow progress display and the possibility to export the data to the computer for backup and processing.

Digital storage of measured values

The innovative ATMOS measuring & hose rinsing system

  • ATMOS drainage systems work with a double lumen hose system.
  • The larger hose transports air and secretion from the drainage to the secretion canister, as conventional systems do.
  • The smaller hose is the rinsing and measuring hose.
  • Siphons, coagulum or other blockages in the drainage hose have no influence on the measurement result.
  • The device can regulate the suction accurately in order to reach the target value in the pleura cavity.

The innovative ATMOS measuring & hose rinsing system

Rinsing function

​After a defined period (standard setting 2 min) a valve opens for a few milliseconds and vents the measuring and rinsing hose.

Secretion and coagulum which have been deposited in the secretion hose will be flushed into the secretion canister.

Rinsing function

Battery operated, adjustable suction system creates mobility and safety

ATMOS thoracic drainage systems are fully integrated systems. The systems contain fine adjustable, powerful suction aggregates. Due to the automatic control the aggregate always provides the exact flow required to maintain the target vacuum. This results in…

  • minimal noise exposure
  • and a gentle drainage

Due to perfected lithium-ionic batteries the units can operate up to 12 h without connection to the main power supply. Therefore relocation and mobilization of the patient is no longer a problem. The recharging time for a fully discharged battery is max. 4 h.

Reliable alarm system

​Digital thoracic drainage systems by ATMOS offer an elaborate alarm management. The units show a visual and acoustic alarm, if the target vacuum in the drainage can not be achieved or if the battery is too low.

The indication doesn´t only show that a problem exists, it also gives possible solutions.With the ATMOS® S 201 Thorax there is also the option to connect the alarm signal to the nurse call system.

Reliable alarm system


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