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ATMOS i View 21/31 ENT

ATMOS i View 21/31 ENT



The microscope with a system for perfect viewing and working

ATMOS i View 21/31 ENT

ATMOS i View 21/31 ENT

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We have what you are looking for.

As one of the leading companies specialising in ENT equipment, we sell our quality products all over the world. As such, we are very familiar with the needs of physicians. Based on this experience, we have independently developed a microscope which embodies not only our entire expertise: each new ATMOS® i View reveals its own spirit of discovery.

It is the whole spectrum of what we do that sets us apart.

We are aware that in this day and age, modern diagnostic equipment must have more to offer. Many features of the ATMOS® i View are unusual within this class of diagnostic equipment. In addition to the holistic and physicianorientated concept, this is just what distinguishes our microscope and makes it so advanced. With development of our optical System in Wetzlar – a town which is renowned for its lenses – and a production at ATMOS in south west Germany – the world’s centre for medical technology – we are always able to fall back on the cumulative expertise of qualified experts.

Trust is good, but facts are better.

Using a patented technique, the red part of a high performance LED light is raised and as such, a pleasant colour temperature of 5.500 K (+/- 10%) is achieved without applying a thermal charge to the examined tissue through IR radiation.

The LED light path with ‘high transmission’ optics and improved colour characteristics sets new standards in the field of microscope technology – and all this thanks to the new design for which the patent is pending, without any disruptive cooling from the fan.

Trust is good, but facts are better.download

Documentation without any hassle.

​Now patients are even more aware than was previously the case, as a result they require a lot more information. For this reason visualisation has long been part of everyday procedure in ENT surgeries. The easy to handle integrated camera of the ATMOS® i View supports you in communicating with the patient and helps to ensure quality. Endoscope cameras or high resolution digital cameras featuring a Sony E-Mount bayonet can be used alternatively.

Regardless of what camera is used, the optical system of the microscope is designed for HD-technology.

Documentation without any hassle.VideoButton-Fotolia_19644493_XS-300x116

Above all it was the excellent lenses and the many functions which positively surprised me.
I will definitely use the ATMOS® i View in operative surgery.

Dr. Oliver Reich, Bonn

LED + Lenses = Perfect Images.

​Users report of longer fatigue-free working and faster reception of stereoscopic pictures (3D-effect). These advantages result from the use of a larger exit pupil. The integrated camera allows for easy operation via the panel on the microscope. In doing so, all parameters – e.g. the white balance – are automatically set. In addition, manual focussing of the camera is no longer necessary as a sharp image in the microscope also means a sharp image on the monitor.

LED + Lenses = Perfect Images.

Fatigue-free working is no longer just a dream

​For quick three dimensional perception and comfortable, fatigue-free work, a key factor is the ease with which the pupils of the human eye are aligned with the exit pupil of the eyepiece. For this reason the particularly large exit pupil of the ATMOS® i View makes working less stressful. In addition to this, an excellent stereo effect is assured as a result of the heightened stereo base of 24 mm.

Based on the LED illumination technique the complete optical system was developed to feature high quality colour correction and HD quality. This guarantees for the optimal sharpness of your pictures. Due to the enlarged stereo basis an optimised 3D effect is realised.

Fatigue-free working is no longer just a dream


​In order to focus fully on your patients a simple control of all electrical functions is possible, via the operation panel. Operation panel functions include:

There are various, ergonomically shaped hand grips available.

A. Freeze frame storage
B. Starting/Stopping of video recordings
C. Switching from permanent light to stroboscopy
D. Illumination control



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