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Solar Gold

Solar Gold



Solar Gold is a high technology state-of-the-art system offering complete urodynamic and anorectal diagnostic solutions, flexibility and ease-of-use for every user. The flexible system configurations make Solar well-suited for multi-channel urodynamic examinations as well as research purposes. Solar Gold has a modular set-up. This allows you to obtain the functionality that is required for your particular situation. Software modules are available for different types of examinations and offer different levels of functionality. Extra functionalities such as neuro-urodynamic applications and peripherals can be added later, without the need to modify the existing system.

Measurement and Analysis

A state-of-the-art system with a large range of features and functions


  • Digital technology solutions
  • ‘Plug-and-Play’ at every investigation
  • Fully upgradeable from an office-based to a high-end video-urodynamic system
  • Position Solar Gold system parts on trolley or examination table
  • Conductance measurement to automatically record leak point pressures
  • Predefined investigation protocols
  • Flexible report generator
  • Virtual Instructor Program™ (VIP), assists in achieving good quality investigations
  • Extensive video and network capabilities
  • DICOM: use the full extent of your hospital’s Ultra High-resolution video-network infrastructure
  • Real-time remote viewer to watch the investigation in another room
  • HIS/EMR link coupling possibilities

Video Urodynamics

Solar Gold offers an unsurpassed range of video applications for analog and digital images.
Single and cine loop images are captured in real time and synchronized with pressure measurements.

Networking and HIS/EMR

Solar Gold is designed to become part of a network as well as being linked to a Hospital Information System (HIS).  Security features include access levels to regulate data sharing rights, patient record locking mechanisms and secure file exchange over the internet.

Solar Gold - Intelligent Urodynamics



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