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Solar GI HRM

Solar GI HRM



High Resolution ManometryG3-8_Solar_GI_HRM_H2O_Trolley_integrated_300h

High Resolution Manometry (HRM) was the concept and innovation of a remarkable esophagologist, researcher and educator, the late Ray Eugene Clouse, MD. HRM has its roots in conventional perfused manometry. Clouse decided that the esophagus was holding secrets between the widely spaced recording points of conventional manometry catheters.

A collaboration between Ray Clouse, Medical Measurement Systems and Dentsleeve in 1995, resulted in the development of the Clouse Contour Plot, an HRM solution using a 21 channel silicone water perfused catheter, and a UPS-2020 manometry system from MMS*.

Because of the availability of new catheter technologies, smart perfusion systems and faster computers, HRM is becoming the standard to diagnose swallowing disorders and measure pressures in the esophagus.

* Neurogastroenterology & Motility, March 2012, Vol. 24, Suppl. 1, 2-24. High resolution manometry: the Ray Clouse legacy.

The most advanced HRM system on the market

Extremely easy to useThe Solar GI HRM is currently the most advanced HRM system available. Latest developments such as the Chicago Classification criteria, QuickView analysis program, 3D Esophageal Pressure Topography (EPT) and new catheter technology make Solar GI HRM:

  • Procedures more accurate and reliable
  • Data analysis better, simpler and quicker
  • Procedure costs lower


Solar GI HRM Highlights

  • Measuring simultaneously up to 36 pressure channels and 16 Impedance channels
  • Reusable and single use catheter solutions
    (solid state and water perfused,
    both up to 36 pressure channels)
  • Variety of catheter diameters, to ensure accurate HRM measurement for different patient groups
  • Intuitive MMS software with remote control leads to simple HRM procedures
  • Event-based analysis software, where events can be Resting periods, Swallows, etc.
  • QuickView program for fast and easy analysis
  • Latest HRM results and Chicago Classification criteria included
  • 3D Esophageal Pressure Topography plots
    for a new perspective on the events
  • Synchronized video manometry optional (X-Ray, C-Arm, Ultrasound)
  • Expandable with HRIM, HRSM, HRCM and HRAM
  • Flexible HRM systems solutions for every budget



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