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The mobile SB 600 surgical bed was developed in close cooperation with leading surgeons in the fields of ophthalmology, ENT and maxillofacial surgery. The bed was designed to meet all the specific needs of  surgeons working in the head, neck and shoulder area. It offers numerous ergonomic and functional user benefits for doctors and patients alike.

Ø        very low and convenient ingress level 60 cm

Ø        working height of head rest 96 cm, good for standing up procedures

Ø        two point head support, unlimited adjustability for head positioning

Ø        intraoperative repositioning of head to sideways orientation with no change of accessories

Ø        ample clear foot space underneath backrest

Patient preparation, operation and patient recovery on just one bed supports a very economic and efficient work flow. It is also very gentle and easy on patients as they do not have to move from one bed to another.


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