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Flowstar is a compact and digital flowmeter designed for practical, everyday flow studies. The investigation starts automatically when the patient starts voiding. The flow and volume scales can be adjusted and the pre-flow and post-flow time are user selectable. Siroky flow plots can be printed to diagnose normal or obstructed urinary flow in male patients.

Measurement and Analysis

  • Uroflowmetry
  • Siroky flow rate nomograms
  • Automatic analysis

The Flowstar is a compact and above all very cost-effective system for routine uroflow measurements.
Micturation Chair



Flowstar – Features

For practical, everyday flow study investigations


  • Automatic start-stop
  • Real-time graph print-out
  • Automatic artefact detection
  • Reusable urine container and funnel
  • Print-out in landscape or portrait mode
  • Multi-language support
  • Reprint of report
  • High precision digital flowsensor
  • Automatic or selectable scaling
  • Adjustable flowstand
  • Micturition chair (option)


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