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ATMOS S 41 Gyne

ATMOS S 41 Gyne



Improved efficiency in a small workspace

ATMOS S 41 Gyne

ATMOS S 41 Gyne



Analyze, diagnose and treat – the GYNE workstation from ATMOS

ATMOS offers you the latest in workstation innovation with over 120 years of German manufacturing expertise. The ATMOS S 41 Gyne creates a harmonious medical working environment for the doctor. The unique workstation concept from ATMOS centralizes and integrates the necessary equipment for diagnostic and treatment, which improves your workflow. Based on your findings ambulatory procedures can be provided directly without long waiting times in one treatment area. The following technologies can be integrated into the workstation:

  • Digital visualization and documentation
  • LED illumination
  • Radiofrequency surgery
  • Smoke evacuation
  • Suction
  • (secretion + curettage)
  • colposcopy

Efficient use of space, modular and ergonomic.

​The patient should feel comfortable during medical procedures. Time loss and inconvenience due to room changes for additional procedures is unnecessary.

Reduced waiting time also improves the quality of treatment. The ATMOS S 41 Gyne includes ergonomically designed modules that can be tailored to your individual business needs. Retrofitting options and module priniciple allow customers situational decisions. One partner for whole workstations simplify integration of necessary equipment and ideal interaction.

Efficient use of space, modular and ergonomic.

Numerous applications, one concept.

​The ATMOS S 41 Gyne grows along with your requirements, it can be customized to your space and business needs. The modular setup ensures flexibel configuration of devices and storage space.

Our workstations combine modern technology with ergonomics and allow more efficient workflows. All basic module comprise by default a workplate, a small drawer and levelling feet. The remaining space can be equipped as per customer‘s specification. All modules are available for left- and right-handed working.

Numerous applications, one concept.


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