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ATMOS® E 341 Battery / DDS

ATMOS® E 341 Battery / DDS

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The new ATMOS® Emergency suction devices are used in clinics, private practices and nursing homes where a blocked respiratory tract can pose a threat to human life.

Robust, space-saving, absolutely reliable and regardless of the application site the ATMOS® Emergency suction devices provide an important contribution for the optimum patient care.ATMOS E 341 BatteryATMOS E 341 Battery points

When every second counts…

Emergency suction quick, safe and easy

The advantages of the ATMOS® Emergency suction device: 

Powerful suction performance and a quick buildup of the desired vacuum

Easy handling

Toolless battery exchange

Safe secretion management – ATMOS® DDS-canister system with autoclavable DDS-canister and overflow protection resp. Serres®-disposable system

Easy exchange of the used canister system

Robust and shockproof housing

Easy removal from the wall and device support

ATMOS® E 341 Battery – emergency suction in the clinic

Besides the emergency ventilation, defibrillator and mobile monitoring the emergency suction device is also a main component of the lifesaving emergency equipment – a must on every station.ATMOS E 341 Battery

Technical data:

Suction capacity: 34 l/ min ± 4 l/min

Battery: Lithium-ionic battery

Battery operating time: 60 min.

Battery charging time: ca. 4 hours

Battery life: ca. 500 recharging cycles

Battery status display: 5 LEDs

Vacuum adjustment: via predefined steps:-0.1 bar; -0,2 bar; -0,5 bar and  -0.8 bar electronically controlled

Vacuum display: LEDs on the control panel

Maximum vacuum: -0,8 barATMOS E 341 Battery suction display

Weight: 3,65 kg (device with battery/ without canister system)

Dimensions: 370 x 277 x 146 mm

Noise level: < 70 dB (A)

Canister system: reusable canister system (Direct-Docking-System)



Scope of delivery:

Basic device, device base, hose rewind, support for DDS canister system, DDS-secretion canister 1 l, power supply and recharging unit, 2-pin power cord, reusable suction hose ø 10 mm, L = 1,3 m, 10 DDS-bacterial filter, fingertip for reusable suction hose ø 10 mm, operating instructions.






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