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ATMOS® C 341 Battery / DDS

ATMOS® C 341 Battery / DDS



ATMOS® C 341 Battery – suction at home and in nursing homes

The ideal device when suction performance and precise adjustment of the vacuum are extremely important. Thanks to the infinitely variable vacuum adjustment the suction capacity can be individually selected to suit the patient. ATMOS C 341 BatteryATMOS E 341 Battery points


Technical data:

Suction capacity: 26 l/ min ± 4 l/min

Battery: lead

Battery operating time: 40 mins.

Battery charging time: 80%: < 3 hours 100%: 14 hours

Battery life: approx. 400 recharging cycles in approx. 3 years

Battery status display: 4 LEDs

Vacuum adjustment: via predefined steps:-0,1 bar to -0,8 barATMOS C 341 Battery suction display

Vacuum display: Manometer to a maximum of -1 bar

Maximum vacuum: -0,8 bar

Weight: 4,6 kg (device with battery/ without canister system)

Dimensions: 370 x 277 x 146 mm

Noise level: < 70 dB (A)

Canister system: reusable canister system (Direkt-Docking-System)





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