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ATMOS A 161-261 Aspirator

ATMOS A 161-261 Aspirator


Powerful and cost-effective

ATMOS Respiratory tract suction

ATMOS Respiratory tract suction


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Outstanding with regard to functionality & design for successful respiratory tract suction

The mains-operated and battery-operated respiratory tract suction devices of ATMOS convince customers due to safe and effective removal of secretion and fluids from the respiratory tract. The innovative filter technology and the concept of secretion canister offers excellent comfort and protect the device in case of operating errors.

  • Simple operation
  • Maximum protection due to triple overflow safety
  • Low acquisition and follow-up costs
  • Favourably priced reprocessing
  • No connection hoses anymore due to Direct Docking System (DDS)
  • High variability


ATMOS® A 161 Aspirator ATMOS® A 261 Aspirator ATMOS® A 161 Battery ATMOS® C 161 Aspirator ATMOS® C 261 Aspirator ATMOS® C 161 Battery
REF 313.0200.0 313.0300.0 313.0500.0 313.0000.0 313.0100.0 313.0400.0
Suction performance (l/min) 16 ± 2 26 ± 2 22 ± 2 16 ± 2 26 ± 2 22 ± 2
Vacuum adjustment Three-step control: -25 kPa -55 kPa -75 kPa Three-step control: -25 kPa -55 kPa -75 kPa Three-step control: -25 kPa -55 kPa -75 kPa infinitely adjustable infinitely adjustable infinitely adjustable
Mains operation (100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz)
Vacuum gauge
Blue cover to protect the control elements
Condensate trap
Sound damping
Battery level indication (5-step LED)
Battery operation 40 min 40 min
Charging time (at complete discharge) 1.5 h 1.5 h

ATMOS Direct-Docking-System (DDS)

​With the introduction of the Direct-Docking-System (DDS) in the lower price category ATMOS presents a new generation of portable respiratory tract suction systems. Up to now there was uncertainty when dealing with the hoses – now that has come to an end:

With the innovative ATMOS DDS the hose connection between the suction system and the secretion canister is no longer required: no hose, no problem – just dock! This procedure guarantees a cost effective processing because operating errors are excluded. Furthermore a depth filter is inserted instead of the usual surface filter. Here the interior filter surface area is with >1 m2 much larger than the existing bacterial filter. With the unique features like DDS, ergonomics, design and price ATMOS introduces a whole new standard of respiratory tract suction devices.

ATMOS Direct-Docking-System (DDS)

Use of disposables

The ATMOS® Aspirator C – class is compatible with the following disposable canister brands:

  1. Medi-Vac®1)
  2. Receptal®2) (1,5 l only)
  3. Serres®3)

Use of disposables

Are you worried about the safety of your patients during oral hygiene?

​With coma vigil and bedridden patients it is always associated with a risk to ensure oral hygiene. Any choking of the patient must be prevented. Furthermore it is essential that the rinsing solution is extracted from the patient‘s mouth.

In former times only a simple toothbrush was available but today – thanks to technical progress – many accessories are at hand. ATMOS has the solution for the above mentioned problems: the ATMOS Plak-VacTM toothbrush with its suction mechanism and reuseable brushes. It makes oral hygiene easier and the thorough cleaning enhances the general wellbeing of the patient. With the regular use patients feel a positive stimulation.

The ATMOS Plak-VacTM toothbrush is simply connected to the hose of the suction device. For an ideal airproof connection, special suction hoses with a funnel-shaped extension are suitable.

  1. Opening for the secretion flow
  2. Oval opening for the fingertip (deepening) to regulate the suction performance
  3. Disposable suction hose with connector (optional accessory)

Are you worried about the safety of your patients during oral hygiene?


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