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The ATMOS parent plant is in Lenzkirch in the Black Forest, a place famous for traditional clock making in an area where many people go on holiday. Here a motivation has developed that has had a positive impact on the creativity and passion of the staff. From the roots of tradition and precision a quality has developed that inspires. ATMOS is therefore in a position to look back on more than a century of progress and customer orientation – always to the benefit of people.


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From Berlin to Lenzkirch

It all began in a pharmacy in Berlin. In 1888 the Kaiser Friedrich pharmacy was founded in Berlin. 30 years later the pharmacy became an oxygen central. The pharmacist’s thoughts went far beyond the production and sale of the drugs. His intentions were in particular to concentrate on the pharmaceutical utilization of air, since air, oxygen and water are the most important factors for human life. Since 1906 various models of inhaling devices and equipment for the implementation of suction and air pressure accounted for the main emphasis of the production line. In 1927 the first so called “suction pressure and hot air device for medical purposes” was produced, the core competence of ATMOS was born. In 1941 the company was given the name ATMOS and moved its headquarters from Berlin to Freiburg in Breisgau in 1942.1944 the Reich patent for a so called pocket inhaler had been granted. With this device it was possible, to inhale medications for throat, nose and bronchial areas, regardless of time or location and without external energy sources.

Growth through concentration

In 1957 TESTOTERM was founded as a sales company of ATMOS. Besides small devices for the ENT sector they concentrated on the development and production of therapy and treatment units. A new technology challenge emerged. Electronic was saturating the market and it was merely a matter of time until it would also make its entrance in pharmaceutical technology. As early as in the late sixties, the management decided to serve additional market segments in the field of throat, nose and ear care. Not merely “small devices” were intended to be manufactured, but entire therapy and treatment units. Thus came the invention of the ATMOS therapy pillar Harzburg. The continued development process and successful market introduction was immediately followed by a new model series: the SERVANT Generation. In a more revised version it is still successfully produced today. 1984 the ATMOS MedizinTechnik GmbH was registered in the Register of Companies as an independent enterprise.

The growing and striving enterprise experienced a tremendous catastrophe in January 1989. A major fire destroyed great parts of the production and storage area. The nearly superhuman performance of the employees saved the still usable material and many machines. After only a few days, production was resumed inside the still intact part of the operation building and in containers.

Innovations ensure the expansion course

In 1985 ATMOS France, the first foreign subsidiary was founded, in 1995 ATMOS Italia followed, in 2001 ATMOS Espania and ATMOS Switzerland and one year later ATMOS Asia in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia. In 2004 ATMOS USA and ATMOS Russia started their business. Meanwhile a change of control at the top took place: in 1999 the company Testo acquired 75% of the ATMOS company shares and 25% of the ATMOS shares went to the new managing director Peter Greiser.

In 2003 the company launched the world‘s first electronically regulated mobile pleura drainage suction device, the ATMOS® S 031 Thorax. In 2005 the breakthrough in the gynaecology market followed: ATMOS launched the newly developed gynaecological workstation for the diagnosis and therapy of cervical cancer.

New subsidiaries, new markets, new leadership

In 2005 the Greiser family takes over 100% of the ATMOS group. In 2006 the sales companies in UK and Hungary were also turned into subsidiaries. In the same year a representative office was established in China, one year later ATMOS Turkey started their business. In 2008 ATMOS celebrated its 120th anniversary and entered in 2010 in a new era with an enlarged management team and an organizational structure. At the top are now the two sons, the managing directors Frank and Maik Greiser, who now own 2/3 of the shares of the ATMOS group. In 2012 a representative office was established in India. 2011 the ATMOS® S 042 NPWT (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy) was developed. 2012 ATMOS pushes the first LED-microscope ATMOS® i View into the market. In india the ATMOS (RO) India is created and the ATMOS subsidiary ATMOS China starts its business as a 100 % subsidiary after three years of preparation.


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